Williams Orellana - Williams Orellana

I am a software craftsman living in El Salvador, passionate about technology, Free Software, Magento, Python, Debian and Blender.

Well yes, It looks like a tradition to start a new blog every year, and there were many factors that have forced me to do so, from something as "simple" as not making a backup sad to more complex as my hosting provider cancel me, so this time I wanted to do something different and not fall into the same a.k.a. wordpress, so I decided to host my blog on Github well I have total control over the posts, they are in my git repository, and change pages from dynamic to static content, this with the help of Pelican.

The truth is that I like the result and I feel very comfortable with this combination grin.

Until next, Best regards!

Along with the new year comes new personal projects as well as many business challenges, so this year promises to be the beginning of a very busy grin

However, I am very happy about that, because when we face challenges is when we learn more, the challenges that we strive to make up and keeps us entertained, the good news is that these challenges can bring rewards very interesting, at the moment there is nothing confirmed until to have nothing to sure, better keep working and striving to be better, both at work and personally.

Until next, Best regards!

It's been already some time and I had not updated the blog, among a thousand things to do I decided to give a little change, something that for several days I was hanging around my head and is the theme, as the previous I did not like so much, so I decided yo change it for a new one.

Actually I really like the new one, so this will be my new theme (At least until I get bored). Also I have set a goal of posting more often at least once a week, I hope this time fulfill grin

Until next, Best regards!

After being only rumors, it's already confirmed, today I start my road to certification as ABAP Jr, even that will be a long hard road, is that eventually will bring me great satisfaction, as I have to sacrifice much of the time dedicated to my family which is very difficult for me. Addition to the above must be added that in a month will be covered four "manuals" of approximately five hundred pages each, so I said, this will not be easy, but nobody said it was.

I will try to update the blog more often in order to give progress made.

Until next, Best regards!

As usual, time flies, I've been busy with work and other activities and the free time is not enough, anyway.

Just passing by to give a small update of my life in these days of absence.

  • I have a lot of work ( that's good grin )
  • I have thought to embark some personal challenges, I can not give many details at the moment.
  • New member of the family, is a Siberian Husky puppy and her name is Maya.


those are the most important updates for now, I hope to share more when they happen.

Until next, Best regards!